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Video Consumption

Recently viewed: Happy Feet (in the AMC with my son... his first movie going experience). Nice seats - able to put the armrests up to get a lot of space - but pretty pricey. Will probably go to the Encore Cinemas (either in Oakville or Burlington) next time. There's better popcorn at the Encores, anyway.

For TV shows, I'm still going through Dead Like Me; into the second season now.  Watching 'Til Debt Do Us Part to get some interesting financial tips, Good Eats for some good food knowledge and ideas (still have to see Feasting on Ashphalt also starring Alton Brown) and Nanny 911 for some parenting ideas.  Recently got a recommendation to check out Heroes (a new show this year), so will have to see if I can find some of the early episodes.  Most of the shows I really like only seem to have lasted a year or two, and even then I only find out about them after they're out on DVD.
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